Do not use Kizby with Java7

Warning: The new Java7 runtime has several optimization bugs that will crash Kizby and possibly corrupt your Kizby repository..

Oracle just released the newest version of the Java runtime yesterday, called Java 7. Unfortunately some critical optimization bugs were discovered in the Java runtime that affect Lucene, a popular Java-based database that is used by Kizby. These bugs will likely cause Kizby (or any Lucene-based application) to crash, and may also potentially corrupt your Kizby repository.

These bugs were discovered late in the release cycle, and Oracle will address them in a subsequent update. This update may take several weeks, however.

If you first installed Kizby on Windows after June 1, 2011, then you need not worry as we began bundling a Java Runtime with the distribution that does not suffer from these issues. If you first installed Kizby before June 1, 2011 then you should either avoid updating to Java 7, or ensure that you are running Kizby using a Java 6 runtime.

We recommend you avoid updating to Java 7 until this situation has been corrected; these optimization errors could affect other Java-based applications too. We’ll update this entry when we know more.

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