Kizby 1.0.12 released

We discovered that Oracle’s latest Java installer no longer makes the newly-installed Java runtime available to programs. And repairing the situation can be quite daunting for non-technical users. After some deliberation, we’ve decided to release an update for Kizby to include its own JRE on Windows. Unfortunately this change means the Windows installer now weigh in at 80MB, but it also means that we can avoid the 32-bit or 64-bit question, which should save Windows users some real hassle.

This release does include a new feature: you can now define a default project to be used for new tasks. If set to none (the default), then the default project is taken from your current situation (e.g., the actively selected project or the actively selected task’s project).

This setting is really useful in combination with the Add Multiple Tasks functionality for taking down quick notes for later organization. Set your default project to a catch-all like “INBOX”. Then use Add Multiple Tasks to quickly add tasks as they come to you, one per line. Remember that Kizby dialogs can be dismissed with CtrlEnter (MacOS X: Return).

We also squashed a little selection bug too.

As always, update with Help > Check for Updates.

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