Kizby 1.0.11 released

We’ve just pushed up Kizby 1.0.11. Changes include:

  • Souping up the add-multiple-tasks and finish-and-follow-up dialogs to add dependencies. Prefixing a task with “+” will cause it to be dependent on the previous task. Very useful for creating lists of items that have to be done in order.
  • Enabled CtrlF to select find box in the Search window (MacOS X: F)
  • Cause the filter box to bold text when the filter is in effect.
  • Add new Task > Split Tasks to New Project function to move selected tasks to a new project.
  • Journal items can be deleted.
  • Clicking in filter dialogs with Alt will select all items if none are selected, or deselect all if some items are selected.
  • Fixes:
    • Dependencies to completed items are ignored when sort-completed-to-bottom is enabled.
    • Project lists are sorted in the Journal and Notes windows.
    • The Search window would eventually stop appearing.
    • Fixed strange selection issues in the Search view.

What improvements would you like to see to Kizby? Let us know either in the comments below or by email to

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