Kizby 1.0.9 update

New in Kizby 1.0.9:

  • The Add Multiple Tasks… and Finish and Follow-Up… dialogs have been souped up to allow specifying tags, start and due dates, priorities, and more by appending specially formatted keywords at the end of each line. For example the following task description (which should all be on a single line):

    Contact Diego re: Proposal !! start:tomorrow due:+2 ~10 #projectX @office

    Would result in a task “Contact Diego re: Proposal” marked at top-priority, starting tomorrow, due in two days, estimated duration of 10 minutes, with tag “projectX”, and location set to “office”. The dialog’s help screen provides a breakdown of how to use these keywords.

  • Fixed some final selection issues in the Notes and Journalling windows.
  • Added the ability to modify your subscription from Help → Modify Subscription… (e.g., useful for switching between monthly or annual).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Requesting password reset wasn’t properly being sent. Oops.
    • Minor bug fixes with Toodledo syncing

You can get these updates by selecting Help → Check for Updates from within Kizby. As always, please send any feedback to our support.

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