Kizby Updates

We’ve pushed up another set of updates; this is Kizby 1.0.8. If you use the Check for Updates, be sure to read the caveat at the bottom of this page.

  • We have greatly improved the filter box (generally found in the upper-right) for the Planning and Archives perspectives: the Projects view will now show projects containing tasks that are matched by the filter. It’s much more pleasurable to use!
  • We reassigned the Finish Task and Follow-Up… shortcut (CtrlF or F on MacOS X) to the Find… function. The Find function selects the text filter box; this function has been souped up for the Planning and Archives view. The Finish and Follow-Up… function is now bound to CtrlAltF or F on MacOS X.
  • Based on feedback, we changed two of the project and task status terms to better reflect their meanings:
    1. Tentative renamed to Planning
    2. Active renamed to In Progress
  • We fixed a number of issues related to updating behind web proxies, such as found in many corporate environments. Any users in this situation will need to re-download Kizby from the website unfortunately; but it shouldn’t be necessary again.
  • Added a preference to control the time between checks for updates; these checks are still only done on restart, though you can always manually check for an update through Help > Check for Updates
  • If reporting a bug, you can easily find the logs through the About Kizby dialog
  • Various bug fixes including:
    • Fixed updates handling for those behind proxies
    • Fixed priority inversion on default sort (“Low” was sorting higher than “Top”)
    • Fixed cycling in checking for updates
    • Fixed failure to restart after finding updates: more on this below.
    • Fix NullPointerException bug when using tags

You can install the updates through Help > Check for Updates. Upon installing the changes, Kizby will ask if you’d like to restart. Unfortunately the previous version of Kizby (1.0.7) suffered from a bug where it will not restart properly if you select “Yes”; this bug is fixed in 1.0.8. So please select “No” and quit manually.

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