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Getting Things Done with Kizby

Getting Things Doneā„¢, or GtD, is a very popular approach to managing work created by David Allen. In this post, I’ll describe the essence of GtD, followed by an overview of Kizby, and finally describe how I use Kizby to … Continue reading

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Kizby 1.0.9 update

New in Kizby 1.0.9: The Add Multiple Tasks… and Finish and Follow-Up… dialogs have been souped up to allow specifying tags, start and due dates, priorities, and more by appending specially formatted keywords at the end of each line. For … Continue reading

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Kizby Updates

We’ve pushed up another set of updates; this is Kizby 1.0.8. If you use the Check for Updates, be sure to read the caveat at the bottom of this page. We have greatly improved the filter box (generally found in … Continue reading

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Scoping Projects to Manageable Size

I recently put together a tutorial on how to get started with Kizby. Part of the tutorial digressed into what makes a good project or task. I thought I’d pull it out here as it’s something that I continually push … Continue reading

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