More Kizby Updates

We’ve just pushed up another update to Kizby. A highlight of the changes:

  • Improved the search queries capability from the Search window. You can now use ‘*’ as a suffix to match partial words.
  • A new task now inherits tags set on its parent project.
  • Added support for sorting by clicking on the various columns.
  • Tweaked the default task and project sort algorithm to (i) sort overdue projects and tasks to the top (subject to dependencies) and (ii) to sort tasks by priority. See the description in The Kizby Guide.
  • Added a new query to show all current tasks to the Review section of the Dashboard
  • Fixed a small bug in the dashboard’s Review > Changed Today: the date was recorded UTC, and not the local timezone. Depending on your location relative to Greenwich, your changes may have not shown up until tomorrow. We need more Australian users!
  • Added a Review > Changed Yesterday query to the dashboard.
  • The Changed queries are sorted by the time changed. The most recently changed item should be at the bottom.
  • Cause tags for project and tasks to be inherited from their parent project.
  • Fixed sometimes-wonky embedded scroll bars (ScrolledComposite is no longer the primary bane of my life).
  • Added Links field to journal and note editors; you can drag and drop URLs and files onto this UI element. (Not available in Kizby Budget.)
  • Created Windows installers (available from the download page). Fixed Windows icons to be the proper Kizby icons; Windows users will need to re-install Kizby using the Windows installers for this change to take effect.
  • Various other bug fixes.

To update, simply follow Help > Check for Updates.

As always, please let us know if you have any issues by mailing us at

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