Kizby Updates

We’ve been fixing issues that have been coming in from reports from Kizby users, and thought I’d post a little summary of some of the notable improvements:

  • The little search bars in the top-right of most windows has been renamed to “filter” to better describe its purpose: this little search box only filters the actual content shown by the various views.
  • The addition of a new Search window. This provides a first cut at providing some needed search functionality. You can bring this up with CtrlAltS (or S on MacOS X).
    Kizby search window
  • New projects are automatically added as subprojects of the selected project. But removing the parent was harder than it should be. There’s now an ‘x’ that can be clicked or enacted with the spacebar to clear the value.
  • The tags widgets have received some love and are much more functional. Tab traversals work, you can select and delete tags. Edit the selected tag by first using space. Add new tags simply by typing. Select all tags with CtrlA (or A on MacOS X)
    Updated tag widget showing a selected tag
  • The documentation has received some updates.
  • Various other small fixes and image tweaks.

You can update to these changes by selecting Help → Check for Updates from within Kizby. Kizby will check for updates roughly every two weeks or so on restart otherwise.

Thank you all for your reports — please keep them coming in! If you notice some strange behaviour or would like to suggest a change, please send them by email to or submit them through our support site.

See if Kizby is right for you. Try Kizby for free for 30 days: no credit card details required. If you like Kizby, then we’ll be happy to start a subscription for you. And if you don’t, please let us know why: we’re continuously improving Kizby and your opinion matters.

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