Introducing Kizby

Manumitting Technologies is very pleased to finally introduce Kizby, our new desktop-based project and task management tool.  Kizby rescues task lists that fail to scale to large workloads. We’ve sometimes described Kizby as a task list on steroids.

Why another to-do list?

Kizby is the result of several years of contemplation — and frustration — of current productivity tools by Manumitting’s founder, Brian de Alwis. Prior to founding Manumitting, Brian managed or was otherwise involved in a number of organizations, and struggled to find a computer-based tool to help manage his various projects. Despite the number of task and project management tools on the market, he found they were either too simple and failed to scale to large workloads, or provided little support for managing the other artefacts that result from work, such as files and notes. Brian had frequent discussions with other researchers and professionals and discovered that many people had similar frustrations. After a number of years had passed, Brian finally set out to create a tool to address these needs. Kizby is the start to that tool.

Kizby is bucking the trend: it is a desktop-based application. We seriously considered making Kizby a web-based tool. But we realized that we accomplish most of our work on a single computer — a laptop, or a desktop — and really wanted the rich interaction that only a desktop application can provide. We do synchronize to web-based tools and plan to complement Kizby with web-based access.

The Future

We envision Kizby becoming a personal information management tool. We all create and use information that either isn’t captured in a tool (and thus lives only in our heads), or that is spread across a number of tools and platforms (e.g., Twitter, email, calendars, IMs) and thus not searchable or easily findable. Kizby won’t replace these other tools, but will fill in the gaps left by those tools.

Is Kizby right for me?

We’d love for you to try Kizby. But if you’re happily managing with your current systems, then reward yourself and go for a walk 🙂 After all, productivity tools like Kizby are intended to help you get work done.

But if you’re finding yourself becoming frustrated with other productivity tools, if you’re missing deadlines, or becoming stressed and frazzled in trying to manage your work, then perhaps consider giving Kizby a try. Kizby won’t solve all your management problems, but it can be a trusted piece of a solution.

See if Kizby is right for you. Try Kizby for free for 30 days: no credit card details required. If you like Kizby, then we’ll be happy to start a subscription for you. And if you don’t, please let us know why: we’re continuously improving Kizby.

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One Response to Introducing Kizby

  1. Yudi Xue says:

    Hi Brian,

    I am very excited to see your founded company! In last term, we were trying out scrum process to manage our projects. I will try out kitzby and review it with the lab.

    all the best, yudi